Soluciones basadas en la Naturaleza Perú

"El Perú es un país con gran diversidad biocultural, en donde diversos actores contribuyen desde la ciencia y la práctica, así como mediante saberes tradicionales, al desarrollo e implementación efectiva de soluciones basadas en la naturaleza."

News item image Bioremediation of the Chonta irrigation canal of the Cordillera Blanca Community is one of the case studies of the ERP-NbS project.

A nature-based solution to improve water quality contaminated by acid rock drainage is being developed

5th September 2022

The Cordillera Blanca Campesino Community, led by the Local Agricultural Research Committee (CIAL), in cooperation with the Instituto de Montaña and the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the National University Santiago Antunez de Mayolo (UNASAM), are implementing the “Clean and Safe Water” project, in order to improve the quality of water contaminated by acid rock drainage (ARD) as an effect of deglaciation and climate change; and strengthen the community’s behavior in reducing disaster risks to their livelihoods (livestock and agriculture).

To this end, the team has proposed:

  • Improve the efficiency of the bioremediation system (*) through the construction of a new wetland cell in the course of the Chonta canal.
  • Strengthen community capacity in the management and administration of the bioremediation system.
    Implement a research and learning center based on participatory action research.
  • The construction of the new wetland cell is becoming a reality thanks to the tireless efforts of the male and female members of the community and the local researchers in the workshops and community tasks.

This initiative is part of the Punas Agua project and its recent recognition by Rare’s “Solution Search: Water Pollution & Behavior Change” contest.

(*) The bioremediation system is low-cost and uses simple techniques to capture metals from Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) in artificial wetlands. After treatment, the level of metals in the water is reduced to ranges approved for agricultural use.